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Frank Gratke

1212 North  Chicago

South Milwaukee , WI 53172


 Frank is  a Democrat. However a blue collar Democrat,  that justifies every dollar spend. Signs are made of scrap wood.  Please email me at fg8557@att.com on any comments or questions you have.

Believe if you research the issue the direction you take is easy. If you belief the human soul is limited. Frank beliefs your wrong. That is saying, we all can do and be a lot more. AKA, we limit ourselves.


Historical Figures to bring Forward:

Howard Eells Senior 1855 to 1919

Howard Eells Junior 1893 to 1978

Rodger Sherman Hoar 1887 to 1963

Wilder Penfield 1891 to 1976 


Political Campaigns

2018 Alderman and School Board South Milwaukee

2017 Mayor South Milwaukee

2017 School Board South Milwaukee

2016 21st Assembly District

2015 School Board South MIlwaukee

2014 Alderman South MIlwaukee


(1) Cleaning up Mill Pond in Grant Park.

(2) Have the High School Focus on Advanced Placement.

(3) Go after Historical Credits for South Milwaukee's Downtown.

(4) Drug Education in South Milwaukee.

(5) Go after Roe vs. Wade for its assumption soul is in the brain.

(6) A law enforcement policy that includes to own a gun, you must be a member of the NRA.

(7) Removal of the Falk Foundry Sand from South Milwaukee.

(8) Fixing Oak Creek watershed flood issues including the two 24 inch sewers going into the 15 inch downspout at Hawthorn Avenue and Mill Road in South Milwaukee.

(9) Explain to Governor Walker and County Excutive Abele also known as A&W, being cheap, cutting spending, does not always work.

(10) Explorer the use of Security Cameras for South Milwaukee.

Current 40 pages going to 100 see bottom for a List


Masters in Statistics Marquette

Bachelors Computer Science UWM (3 year college graduate because of Advanced Placement)

Bay View High School

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Resident South Milwaukee  35 years, two Children

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