Advanced Placement Details

This is a write up for South Milwaukee School District of possible changes to curriculum to contemplate:

(1) That the district create and have a suggested max Advanced Placement course schedule.

(2) That all Advanced Placement (AP) courses be taught with a Advanced course in the fall and the matching AP course in the spring. Currently Advanced Chemistry is taught in the fall and AP Chemistry in the spring. This allows for uniformity and also allows the student not to take the AP course if they did not due well in the Advanced Course.

(3) Advanced Placement courses would start in the freshmen  year.

(4) Foreign Language is emphasized early to improve the students ability to communicate in there primary language.

(5) A block period separated into two sections , also known as a skinny, for half English and half Math, this  allows the student to constantly have Math and English. But still have three block periods free. This also reinforces the Junior High curriculum that has been very successful.

(6) A eighth grade AP prep class schedule.

(7) AP Physics and AP Computer science courses need to created. 

This leads to the following:
8th  Grade: Algebra, Spanish, Art(sketching) and a course in South Milwaukee History.

9th Fall: Advance US History, Advance Computer Science , Spanish and English /Math with geometry the Math.
9th Spring AP US History, AP Computer Science, Spanish, and  English /Math with geometry the Math.

10th Fall Advanced World History, Advanced Biology, Advanced Spanish, and  English /Math with Trigonometry the Math.
10th Spring AP World History, AP Biology, AP Spanish English /Math with Trigonometry the Math.

11th Fall Advanced American Government, Advanced Chemistry , Advanced Statistics, English /Math with Calculus the Math.
11th Spring AP American Government, AP Chemistry , AP Statistics, and English /Math with Calculus the Math

12th Fall Advanced Calculus , Advanced Physics, Advanced English and Advanced Economics.
12th Spring AP BC Calculus , AP Physics, AP English and AP Economics.

Physical education would be a before ,  after school or summer course.
Students would be expected to take the AP exam if they take the AP spring course, this allows all the students to work towards taking the May exam. 

This is all done to create a core set of students taking AP Courses. This core of AP students can help the average student who just take a few AP courses. This should increase the scores. A score of 1 or 2 can be devastating for the student. 

The goal set by more then one high school is , 30% of your students get a 3 or above on a AP exam. This allows South Milwaukee to became the elite school in the area. South Milwaukee real estate values will sore. 

Note: after taking the their May AP exam, students should go down to lower grades to explain their AP experience. 

Comments: Frank Gratke, School Board Candidate 2018  phone 414-217-6384
1212 North Chicago, South Milwaukee Wisconsin

Written with the Work of Wilder Penfield in mind. He was noted neurologist.  Roger Sherman Hoar of South Milwaukee, did  try to bring an understanding to the world, of Penfield’s work.