Advanced placement is a program where High school students take high school courses for college credit, It requires taking an exam in May that is scored 1 to 5. Credits are awarded per the score on the exam see list.

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Stevens Point Advance placement Allotment
AP Course             Score        Credits   Max      Year
Biology                     3-5               5         5           10
Chemistry                3-4               5          0          11
Chemistry                5                10         10         11   
Calculus BC              3-5             8            8         12   
Computer Science   3-5            4            4           9
Economics                3-5             3           3          12     
English Literature   3-4             6            0          12
English Literature    5                9            9          12
Physics 2                   3               3             0          12
Physics 2                   4-5           5              5         12
Spanish Literature   3-4           3              0         10
Spanish Literature     5             6              6         10
Statistics                    3-5            4             4         11
US Government       3-5            3              3         10
US History                 3-5            6              6          9
World History           3-5            6              6        11
Total                                                          69
8th   Grade Spanish
9th   Grade Spanish, AP Computer Science, AP US History, English/Math
10th Grade AP Spanish, AP US government, AP Biology, English/Math
11th Grade AP World History, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, English/Math
12Th Grade AP Calculus, AP English, AP Physics, AP Economics



This is a suggested list of courses to be first implemented at South Milwakee High School . The maxium credit a student can get is 69. This will allow them to start as junior, in college. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has recent required ACT college placement testing. Disco finds this ridiculous, students not going to college should be directed to coop programs. AKA focus education and not test for things a student will not and should not be focusing on.The coop programs could teach students to show up for work every day on time and turn of their cell phones when at work.

The most important part of advanced placement is to explain  the program to the parents. The second most is scheduling . An AP course should be every day for the full year. The practice of having the corse only in the fall then have student study on there own until may needs to end. The teacher needs to move away from being a subject matter expert to being a guide. This allows the student to find and organize the material on their own. You need to free up the student from other activities in May ,when the exam is given. The AP study guides should be provided and used.The final action is after the exam is to get the student into the lower grades to explain their experience.  Running a good AP program requires a lot of concentration.

Advanced Placement Frank by Gratke