Caterpillar and their Process Sheets by Frank Gratke


Caterpillar brought Bucyrus and came in with there idea of a process sheet. There type of process sheets were design for construction equipment where you build in qualities with a very detailed process sheet . Mining you have small quantities and you have a general process sheet that the craftsman fills in the gaps. Trying to get complete detail in the process sheet , for a small quantity job,  does not happen and the gaps are still there. If you do not have the craftsman you can have very unusually results. Caterpillar keeps pressing. This according to at least 10 works who sign my nomination papers.

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Process Sheet is a formal document that includes a series of performance instructions and guidelines regarding a specific process or its part, and that describes the operating parameters and settings for the process to produce an associated product, service or other outcome. Process sheet identifies what to produce/implement, what process to use, and what resources to involve.

Process sheets are widely used in manufacturing to describe standard procedures and instructions dedicated to producing or installing a kind of system. Manufacturing companies use process sheets in designing and planning their production activities. Process sheets are developed for various departments and workshops as guidelines that explain how to perform installation or manufacturing of certain products/systems.

A typical process sheet consists of the following sections:

Product/system description: what to produce or install
Process description: what stages are involved in product/system manufacturing/installation
Procedures & instructions: how to produce/install the product/system
Labor & technology: who will produce/install the product/system and what tools & equipment will be used
Budget: what amount of funds is required to implement the process