You ask the DNR anything and they will need to first figure out who has the folder for that issue. They change folders around every 2 years or so.  Then, that person who has the folder, is new to that issue and must review it, before they can help you with the issue. They are not familiar with EPA toxic release inventory and generally do not review any outside studies.

Then before any action is taken, it must be reviewed by many upper management who could request studies. Then they can further refer it to a Federal Agency that will never give a response.


WPDI uses a lot of administration rules that no one reviews. This current mandatory ACT for High School students is one rule. It forces school districts to teach students who need to learn job skills to be taking college preparation courses. They need to be reminded about every three to five years about special education mandates.


The WHS needs to find out what Wilder Penfield, Howard Eells and Roger Sherman Hoar did. They are completely uninformed of the true history that happened here in Wisconsin.   The rules on restoration need to be made reasonable so historical buildings get rehabilitated and not torn down.


Disco has dealt with all three and will continue to deal with them.

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DNR, WDPI, AND WHS by Frank Gratke

The three state departments we need to start being reasonable:

DNR – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

WDPI – Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

WHS – Wisconsin Historical Society