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May 24, 2016

Gratke is the last name:
Item 1 Rexnord/Falk did do a mechanical reclaim from the sand, this did a lot of good but does not remove the chromium and molybdenum from the sand.
Item2 :  molybdenum  is not reported in TRI data base,  but Falk roughly uses gears with 2 parts Chromium to one part  molybdenum, thus you calculate  molybdenum using the chromium figure.
Item 3:   The valve is "not" monitored by city officials, it caused serious flooding in 2008, 2010 and is generally in open position to keep water draining.  I have been on this 17 years, It comes down to, between 1974 and 2004 the foundry sand was piled into site with not understanding what it is. It is sand from Falk that pours specialty metals, the metals get into the sand. I have all this in writing, There is also report done by Arcades for the South Milwaukee School Board when they bought the land for football field. It contains some eye opening analysis of the sand.
Sorry, You have 1.5 billion pounds of very bad sand, from a company that uses molybdenum.
Frank Disco Gratke
Candidate 21st assembly District


DNR Falk Site Email by Frank Disco Gratke.

May 24 , 2016

Dear Mr. Gratzgy-

Chad Czarkowski indicated that you had stopped in last week with questions regarding the Falk or Rexnord landfill in South Milwaukee, and that he had given you my contact information.  He said that you had questions regarding chromium and molybdenum at the site, and the sanitary sewer overflow originating from the landfill site.  Regarding these topics:
·         Attached is a fact sheet and letters from 2006 for the landfill which address chromium at the site.  Since that time, Rexnord has removed foundry wastes from the site for beneficial reuse on construction projects.
·         The Toxic Release Inventory for  Rexnord for 2000 through 2014 is attached.  According to this reporting, no molybdenum is used at the factory, and the waste does not contain molybdenum.  I confirmed this information with Rexnord’s environmental engineer last week.
·         I also confirmed with the Rexnord engineer that the valve for discharge of water from the site to the sanitary sewer is left in the ‘closed’ position.  It is only opened by the City when the Wastewater Treatment Plant has sufficient capacity to take the flows from the site.
It is my responsibility to inspect the Rexnord landfill on an annual basis to assure that it is in compliance with DNR solid waste requirements.

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June 7 2016 Dear Mr. Gratke:
I received your voicemail last week, as well as your email below.  I really do not have any additional answers to your comments