Note on Ika : a menards person thought the Ika would generate a lot of business for Menards.Ika has unassembly cabinets at a good price , but Ika gets you on the Extra's.

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Favorite Oak Creek Stores by Frank Gratke

(My Favorite stores:

(1) Piggly Wiggly - best price on meat,  a lot of Cudahy people go there by passing Wallmart and Pick & Save on the way.

(2) Menards - I do buy a lot in the bargain area

(3) Kwik Trip - 50 cent bread, 39 cent a pound onions

(4) Mega Nursery - Good price on Evergreens and potting soil dirt. I also like seeing the goats.

(5) Woodmans- very good  Fruit and vegetables.

(5) HK Printing - very inexpensive coping, as low as 3 cents a page.

(6) Panera Bread- Bagels and coffee.

(7) Goodwill  next to Woodman's  - A very well kept thrift store

Sometimes Store:

(1) Office Depot - Printing cartridges and office supplies

(2) Pick & Save(howell) - Good Creamer for the  free coffee and the coupon items are not picked over like Cudahy and South Milwaukee.


Stores I do Not like:

(1) Meijer -High  price

(2) Ika - even though it is only in the planning stage,it is  high price

(3) Chick-fil-A  High Price for what you get

(4) Kohls - low Quality