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Guns and the NRA by Frank Gratke 

There’s another change as well: Years ago, the private club required all 300 of its members to join the National Rifle Association, the nation’s largest gun-rights group. Some club members objected, and a dozen or so quit. But most had their NRA cards already, and the rest signed up.

The decision offers a glimpse of how the NRA - best-known in Washington as a bare-knuckled gun advocacy group - plays a prominent role in the nation’s gun culture in a way that helps expand its membership, which it says is now 4.5 million.

The NRA’s on-the-ground effort brings in members who might not join otherwise - and allows the group’s lobbying arm to claim that it represents a broad range of gun-owning Americans as it pushes back against calls for gun restrictions following a shooting massacre at a Connecticut school that killed 26 people.

In return for registering NRA members, shooting ranges like Spurwink - little more than a caboose-red cabin and a shed at the edge of some woods - get a little more assurance that they will be able to keep their doors open.

Now that the Spurwink Rod and Gun Club is a 100 percent NRA Club, its junior shooting team can participate in official tournaments and the club is eligible for thousands of dollars in NRA grants. 

Why Does Disco belief to own a gun you must be a member of the NRA, it makes the individual part of bigger organization that he can count on. No gun owner should ever feel alone, it is a great responsibility to own a gun.  Since the NRA has become a strong Loppy you will find scattered articles, that manatory NRA membership to own a gun is a good idea. This articles fall into dead ends because no one as taken a hard look at the idea.

(1) It gets Government out the gun control business.

(2) One of he NRA primary goals is gun safety, verify training of its members.

(3) A gun collector can take the weapon home day of purchase.

(4) Private sale of guns would be regulated by the NRA.

(5) In domestic violence cases the NRA could revoike membership.

(6) Police would be required to be members of the NRA but could

be given information that is appropriate when needed.

(7) When needed the NRA could recommend possible issues with an application to the NRA to Law enforcement.

Why are Private gun clubs requiring NRA Membership? It makes there club part of a bigger organization.