JFK & South Milwaukee by Frank Mill Pond Gratke

1938 JFK visit south Milwaukee to vist his friend  Sherman Hoar, Roger son, who was same Harvard  fressman football team. JFK played one year of football then became a swimmer.

In March of 1949, a meeting took place at dusk inside the gates of the train station in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At this meeting were four men: Frank Oppenheimer, particle physicist; J. Robert Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb; John W. Simpson, father of the Nuclear Reactor; and John F. Kennedy, future U.S. president and unmentioned member of the McCarthy Committee.

John Kennedy was in South Milwaukee to meet with Senator Joseph McCarthy, who would stay there when in the Greater Milwaukee area. John Simpson, Frank Oppenheimer, and Robert Oppenheimer were in town for part of a group meeting with the Milwaukee Fictioneers, which was a science fiction group led by Roger Sherman Hoar.

The meeting at the train station took place to convince Frank Oppenheimer to take punishment of the McCarthy Committee on un-American activities (which he did.) In addition, he was to stop his work on cold fusion; it was agreed that, although it would allow cheap electricity, it was too dangerous because of the likelihood that the world would go up in massive sets of (easy-to-make) nuclear explosions.

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In 1960 JFK was in the presidential Primary his last campaign stop was South Milwaukee. It was the catholic vote that took him over the top against Hubert Humphry. The people who were there said at the ttime who knew what the future was. The visit was done at the Rawson Ballroom . It was in deed a very poor choice to tear it down.