Senator Johnson  will call Feingold a tax and spend democrat. Feingold will say I am for the people. Disco beliefs the issue in in this race is health care. The problem is the Canadian System has issues.  It tries to provide uniform heath care. Obama care is confusing system that tries to provide more people with coverage. 

Heath care needs to be tiered , you can provide certain benefits to all people but not all benefits to all people. Allow certain heath care functions to be paid for all, the let private insurance cover the rest. In other words give everybody some heath care then let insurance pay the rest.   This is not popular but it works.

You also have copayments that are small but do but a value on the service. This is not popular but it works. You will need to work with payroll and social security taxes to raise the money. This is not popular but it works.

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Position found for Russ Feingold:  Senator Feingold supports a "strong" public option in the health care plan. He stated that the program would act as a single-payer system but without the name. He asserted that reform without a public option was not really reform. Although he had said that the use of reconciliation was not proper for such changes, he asked the Senate majority leader to use the reconciliation procedure to enact a public option .

Sen. Ron Johnson Ron Johnson, what to watch for on Day 2 at the GOP convention. Ron Johnson ad attacks Dem rival Feingold on national security. Johnson isn’t afraid of a rematch with former Senator , Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) in 2016. He has lots of money.

Johnson, a huge target for Democrats hoping to win back the Senate majority in two years, is seen as one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents in what Republicans realize could be a tough year for their party. This Wisconsin Senate Race is in the national spot light.

Johnson vs. Feingold by Frank  Gratke

As  Senator Johnson comes back time and time again about Heath Care, Feingold will be on the defensive and could lose. Other issues would seam important, but this one gives him that look at what happens when government spends money. Feingold and the democrats need a good heath care plan to take back the Senate.