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Mill Pond is a pond formed by a dam built in Grant Park in South Milwaukee, WI. The dam was built by the WPA in the 1930's. In South Milwaukee at the time, the leading citizen was Roger Sherman Hoar, the general  console for Bucyrus Shovel Company, now Caterpillar. He was instrumental in getting Oak Creek Parkway in its present layout, including Mill Pond.

The pond has a problem. It fills with mud because the water runs over the dam leaving the mud behind the dam.  In the 1990's, dredging took place which is thought be the way to get the mud out. However the dam has a release that allows the pond to be drained.  This allows the mud to flow with the water.

Mr. Hoar's idea was to create a calm place where a person can come and be at peace. Even though Mr. Hoar had a great deal of accomplishments, he was one of the main architects of the Social Security act, and the bringing forward the concept of the force from the Star War movies.  However, he considered Oak Creek Parkway and Mill Pond his most important work.

The dam represents his work and historical significance that  has no comparison.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has proposed removing the dam. The DNR, will be dealing with 20,000 South Milwaukee concerned citizens.  Frank Gratke  will be talking to  them. DNR if you try to justify taking the dam, your integrity will be put to the test.

Mill Pond by Frank Mill Pond Gratke