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Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: State Assembly Election - Questions with answers Hello again,
Thank you for taking the time to go through the questions. I have a few follow up questions so that I can get a better perspective of your opinions on the variety of issues you mentioned. I did go to your website and read what is available there, but I was hoping to get more specific information.
If you could try to answer these questions as thoroughly as possible (as if you were explaining the issue to an uninformed resident, perhaps) that would be perfect.
1. You called yourself a “full-time citizen advocate,” can you explain a little more about what that means? What do you do on a regular basis to advocate for citizens? How I got involved heavily in politics my child is dual issues. He is great son but a fought the school system hard. Including a major fight with the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction over the policy handicap people need not apply for open enrolment, cost issues. I got the federal office of civil rights  to do a five year investigation.  Then along came the Falk Pile , Advanced Placement, sewers, and Historical preservation.
2. You said you are running to “get politicians to do their own research.” Why is that an important thing for politicians to do, in your opinion? Do you believe current politicians do not make fact and research-based decisions now, or do you believe they could do so more often? If so, please give me a few examples that come to mind of where politicians doing their own research could have made a difference in Wisconsin, in your opinion? Read, two good reports the 2001 Arcadis report done by the school Board of South Milwaukee and 1986 Oak Creek Watershed report down by the South Eastern Wisconsin Planning Commission.  Not one alderman, school board , county or state person has read either.
3. In reference to “saving” Mill Pond from the DNR, I tried to research this issue a little bit and I can’t find recent information about Mill Pond. Can you describe what the DNR is suggesting happen to Mill Pond and why they think it is a good idea, and then also why you do not think that is a good idea? There is a new South Eastern Wisconsin Planning Commission half million dollar study of the Oak Creek Watershed and easiest  thing to do is to remove the dam, It does allow the fish to go upstream. It also allows the DNR department of Natural resources off the hook for upstream pollutions.
4. You said you would “Keep the Mill Pond Dam from the DNR wrecking ball.” How, exactly, would you go about negotiating with the DNR? What are some key points that you believe would benefit your argument to preserve the pond? The District people will scream to every politician but there is a lot of money for federal lawsuits on the grounds of historical preservation. Please see
5. “Explain to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Advancement and coop work and not mandatory ACT testing,” is a little unclear to me. What would you try to communicate with the department? Can you elaborate on what you mean by “coop work?” Advanced Placement courses and ACT tests should be taken by students going on to college. the students going into the work world should be doing actual jobs. This will allow the to develop good job skills like learning to shut off their cell phones and come to work everyday. Wall-Mart in South Milwaukee Promised jobs , let those be high school coop jobs.  You take kids board of school , and make them employable, The mandatory ACT testing has schools putting them thru a college placement courses. 
6. You noted wanting to remove mandatory ACT testing for students. From what I’ve read, it seems that Wisconsin was moving toward replacing some already-existing state assessment tests with variations of the ACT in 2012/2013, but nothing more recent has happened on that proposal. Is that correct, and is that the issue you are referring to? I was at a school board meeting where the new rules showed the decrease in overall ACT scores with all students taking the exam.
7. If the above is accurate, why do you believe that the state should not use the ACT as an assessment? Should the state use standardized testing at all, and why or why not? How should the state monitor education requirements instead, in your opinion, or should they at all?  Forget the testing and trace down the student after graduation/ dropping out. The testing is not showing what is real happening. The amount of drug deaths is getting up there. Those dropping out of college after one year is trouble some. Those sitting at home are high. This is the true test.
8. What is the benefit of schools focusing on Advanced Placement courses, in your opinion? In what ways do you think they should "focus on Advanced Placement" more? A world class education at no more cost then now. You could get up to 69 college credits. Advanced Placement teaches a student how to  prepare material in a line for a test. Having done it, you realize every Advanced Placement curse makes college and graduate school easier. The charter and religious schools can not match up. Thus, public education becomes the way to go.
Thank you for taking the time to explain more of these complex issues. I appreciate your time. If you do have any questions or need clarification from me, please let me know.
Thank you, Tiffany Stoiber Reporter MyCommunityNOW Here are my questions:
 Where  are you from originally?  Bay View,WI 
 What  is your age?  62
  How  long have you lived in district 21? 34 years
 What Town do you currently live in? South Milwaukee
 Do  you have any experience in  government? If if so, what have you been involved with?  Numerious Committes
Year 2000 committee South Milwaukee
Beulah Britton Start Up Commitee Chairman  Bay View
Citizen Envioronmental Committee South Milwaukee
 What do you do for a living? Retired
 Outside  of government, are you involved in the community in other
 ways? If so, what do you do? Full time Citizen Advocate 
 Why  are you running for state assembly? 
Get Politicians to do ther own Research and to see mine, my website at
 What, in your opinion, are the top three issues in your district?
 ,(1)Save Mill Pond from the DNR
  (2) Have schools focus on Advanced Placement
 (3) Bring Historical Preservation Credits to the District
 if elected, would you try to do about those  issues? 

 (1) Keep the Mill Pond Dam from the DNR wrecking Ball
 (2)  Explain to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Advancement and coop work and not mandatory ACT testing for every student.
  (3) Explain to Wisconsin Historical Preservation people the need save Mill Pond and the older buildings in the district. Please see for full details. 
 Your  website says that you are a "blue collar democrat," can you elaborate more on what this means, exactly?   A blue Collar democrat or workmans republican both are for researching before spending a dollar. Example, Mark Honadel (republican) and Jeff Plale(democrat).Both would look very hard at the 25 Million spent for the Oak Creek City Hall. See my website If  you had to pick one thing that you think the public should
 know about you personally, what would it be? I plan to keep coming forward to preserve the districts history and make the schools the best in the world..  Thank you, Tiffany Stoiber  Reporter  MyCommunityNOW  (
262) 446-6602


NOW Interview Notes by Frank Mill Pond Gratke