How I rate the Public Libraries

(1) Cudhay shear volume of movies and best internet room.

(2) St Francis easy of excess and a very nice set of

large screen computers.

(3) South Milwaukee easy of access andcomputers centrally located.

(4) Oak Creek a very beautiful building but not very practical, printing something off the computer is an adventure.


Just recently Oak Creek built a 25 million dollar city hall/public library. The building is very nice with a clock on top of it. The problem is, we have Governor Walker and County Executive Abele, aka also known as A&W, slashing budgets.  This is just more reason for them to cut more.

Oak Creek city officials must realize  it sends the wrong message. Then on top of this, sewers may not look nice but are necessary.  Good storm sewers prevent flooding. If you read the 1986 Watershed report you can expect flooding every 11 years, this means around June, 2020. The city of Oak Creek will not be ready, and the common council chambers will not hold the crowd coming to talk on how their basements are flooded.

A dollar spent on sewers is not general placed as a waste but as a necessary.

The problem with the cuts we are seeing it effects services. Public education is straining and matching Grant money is disappearing for cities, services include roads garbage pickup, snowplowing are effected. 

The recent Ika store is going to be another TIF district, tax incentive financing, one of 23 districts, where all tax money goes back to pay the loan up to 20 something  years. The burden for paying for services is placed on current tax payers. 

What does the voter want, simple every dollar spent wisely. Any kind of extravagance has them sway towards the budget cutters. A&W are continuing to gain support and by promoting "the moving away from the tax and spend mentality".  

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