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The key to research is place what you think you know on hold. Develop the understanding of what your reading or listing and place it in a line of begin point to end point. The pro life people can do it.  They need to research Wilder Penfield's work.  

Politicians & Research by Frank Gratke

Both the Shepard Express and WTMJ state a politician is as good as they research the issues.


Bernie Sanders knows a lot prescription drugs, college tuition, environment issues, and much more. He is extreme left politician but his views are respected because of the pure depth of his research. Talking to experts, reading and working thru the issues. He is well respected where many politicians are not. Mr. Trump by his statement that a judge should be disqualified , it can be interpreted he that he does not do his homework. Disco is not really a politician or a writer he is a researcher. The depth of this web site is from his research.  However , socialism leads to entitlement , which Bernie some how forgotten about.