The Roe vs Wade decision in January 1973, was made by supreme court with an assumption that soul is contained in the brain. Which has a unique connotation  that the soul is limited in is growth and capabilities 

Roe vs. Wade Statement by Frank Gratke

 Disco , candidate for the 21st assembly district here in Wisconsin. I am not really a politician or a writer, I am primarily a researcher. I was researching history in South Milwaukee and came about this unique discovery. Wilder Penfield was a neurologist who was raised in Wisconsin who did some unique brain mapping with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation in the mid 1900’s up in Montreal, Canada.

His work was very extraordinary but is not really common knowledge.   He spend a great deal of time trying finding the location  what he called the command or control of the brain. He found it was not in the brain. This work was done in Montreal away from the American Medical Association. His work was covered in news reals in the 1950’s.
He later when to become a writer and join with Roger Sherman Hoar of South Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Fictionaries , a group of science fiction writers, in late 1950’s , 1960’s.. This is when the work was reexamined. It became the concept of the command or control is an energy field around the body. Part of the group was Isaac Asimov, a well known science fiction writer.

The Roe vs Wade decision came across in January 1973. With its conclusion the brain is not functioning for the first 3 months thus you do not have a human being. The problem with this it assumes the command and control is in the brain not in an energy field around the body. This command and control can be redefined as the soul.
This work of Penfield suggests an energy field is formed at conception and guides the development of the body.  This would agree with religious views of a lot of religions. It does explain a lot. But it also puts forth a concept that energy fields can be made into structures.

Dorothy Day who is up for Saint Hood, for her work on the catholic day worker was well aware of Penfield thru his number two Max Stein. She got a statement out in June 1974 saying the Supreme Court makes an assumption the soul is in the brain. However, Penfield did not sign the statement. I belief the connection to the Rockefeller Foundation was the reason.

The concept of structures build of energy was also the work of Frank Oppenheimer who was working on cold fusion in the late 1940’s. His worked was stopped in 1949. I belief it was stopped because the world was not ready for easy to make atomic weapons.

Thus,   we really have fallen into a deep hole of finding out what we really are. If we retrace are steps we could advance medicine a 1000 years in a few months. A device that could direct the healing of the body by sending the mind the instructions that the energy field does normally should be called a Penfield Device. Penfield did have an early prototype.

A good place to prove out this is going back to supreme court on Roe vs Wade.
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Roger Sherman Hoar, Wilder Penfield, Rockefeller Foundation, Dorthy Day, Max Stein are all in Wikipedia.

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