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SM Downtown Plan by Frank Gratke

The Frank Ziedler Plan for South Milwaukee Development:
(1)    What is possible is the small one/two person shop with living quarters in the back or above. These should be rented areas with all utilities including. This makes it possible for a very low overhead. Common services should be included with other small shops. The shop keeper could take on co-op students as part of high school training program. I imagine all sorts of business from soup, shoe repair, hair care, tax etc. Design primary for the 55 and older crowd to enable them to have their own business.
(2)    Make a space for these by careful reworking the older buildings. A 150 would sound like a number that would fit.
(3)    The rehab cost of 200,000 per unit is low for both living and shop but with some creative buying of materials entirely possible.
(4)    $200,000 times 150 comes to 30 million dollars.
(5)    The use of historical credits could be as high as 45% and government grants along with WEDA could be 75%. That adds of to 120%. However, getting that kind of money will take s great deal of organization. It will be pushing the limits of a Plan Unit Development.
(6)    The forming of a Planning District with Cudahy and St Francis would maximize are political push. All three are blue collar suburbs that are swing votes in elections. A good name is Lake Heights Planning District, real estate agents would advertise homes using the Lake Heights name to get a higher price because Heights is in the name.
(7)    The Lake Heights Historical Preservation Committee would need to be formed to make reasonable historical restoration possible.
(8)    The historical preservation should be based on work done by the work of three individuals: Howard Ells, Roger Sherman Hoar and Wilder Penfield, which when surfaced, rewrites the History and the Science books.
Plan Presented by Frank Disco Gratke , Masters in Statistics,