The spirits play softball the players by Frank Mill Pond Gratke

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Dan Eells and Sherman were bankers in 1800’s, Sherman’s other career.

Dan and two Howards, were Grandfather, Father, and Son.

Roger and Penfield were Science Fiction Writers

JFK served with Joe on the un-American Committee.

Sherman and Roger were both decedents of Roger Sherman author of the constitution.

Roger father Sherman Hoar served in the same congressional seat as Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy, JFK father, dated Rodger sister before marrying a Fitzgerald.   

Wilder Penfield Grandfather and father were from Cleveland , with the Eells


The sprits play softball - the players


By Position:

Catcher - Senator Joseph McCarthy, read scare, or tail gunner Joe

First Base – Howard Eells Senior – CEO Bucyrus

Second Basement – Dan Eells, John D Rockefellers Banker, Controlled the Ohio state Banking System

Short Stop - Howard Eells Junior, Production Hero of World War II, brought us magnesium

Third Base – William Tecumseh Sherman, burn a path thru the south, during the civil war.

Right field – Rodger Sherman Hoar- architect of the Social Security act, lead a science fiction writers group

Left Field – Wilder Penfield, neurologist, map the brain

Picture- JFK, the president

In Center – Frank Disco Gratke

As part of Disco's Research he try to place the history figures as people I would play softball with. I am the center fielder and you looks like youhave an odd collection, until you get the connections between them..