A conversation between Ron and Ernie. Ernie do you feel your presents during Cub games gives the Cubs an unfair advantage, ten vs nine. First of all Mr. President you should say eleven verses nine because Mr. Santo (Ron) is also with us.  Second, the Chicago Cub fans deserve us. Third, Joe Maddon did ask for are help.

Well Ernie, you were known Mr. Cub and Mr. Santo was delayed getting into the baseball hall of fame, that does put some justification into your helping the Cubs. Mr. President you know that Joe Maddon is the spiritual leader of cub nation and does include me and Ron. However, the players, managers and fans are, all they are supposed to be, and more.


A conversation between LBJ and Joseph Kennedy. Mr. President what was behind my son’s assassination? Mr. Kennedy pure sloppy security, intelligence and attitude. Look at how President Reagan took a bullet. Then your other son was assassinated as well. Security needs to be first, bullet proof glass does a lot. A lot of 24 hour gas stations use it.

Play by Play Announcer: Ronald Reagan

Beer and Alcohol Vendor: Joseph Kennedy

Hot dog Vendor: LBJ

Owner: George Austin Howard

Umpire: Rodger Sherman

Score Keeper: Ernie Banks

Assistant Score Keeper: Ty Cobb

Usher: Gerald Ford

Field Usher: Ron Santo



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