1820' George Austin Howard, Howard Eelss Grandfather comes to Ohio and starts modern Banking.

1830's Farmers Inn built in South Milwaukee.

1854 Freeing of escape slave Joshua Glover from Downtown Milwaukee Jail.

1855 Howard Eells Born

1887 Rodger Sherman Hoar Born

1890 Farmers Inn Torn Down

1890 South Milwaukee Company Formed

1891 Wilder Penfield born

1892 Bucyrus moves comes to South Milwaukee

1893 Howard Eells junior born

1906 Dan Eells Dies, Howard's father & John D Rockefellers banker. 

1911 Howard Eells moves from president to CEO of Bucyrus & leaves South Milwaukee.

1919  Howard Eells dies

1919 Wisconsin became the first state to ratify the 19th amendment allowing Woman to Vote.

1922 Roger Sherman Hoar comes to South Milwaukee

1937 Mill Pond Dam built

1938 JFK visits his friends home , Sherman Hoar

1941 Howard Eells son also named Howard Eells Designs & Builds Plant for USA's only source of Magnesium.

1949 The meeting of JFK and others  at the train station.

1954 Disco Born

1960 JFK Visits South Milwaukee

1960 JFK wins Democratic Presidential Primary

1962 Cuba, failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Sherman Hoar of CIA involved with JFK.

1963 JFK assassinated

1966 Penfield Children Center Created

1968 Richard Nixon Elected President

1972 Disco Takes the Calculus BC exam

1973 Row vs. Wade Decision

1974 Dorothy Day Statement on Row vs. Wade

1974 Paul Gratke Disco's Father  interviews Dorothy Day

1975 All Thoughts of Penfield's and Frank Oppenhiemer's  work stops.

1976 Wilder Penfield dies

1978 Howard Eells Junior Dies

1980 Dorothy Day dies.

1986 Oak Creek Watershed report done

1990 Mill Pond Dredged

1997 DNR removes North Avenue Dam 

2000 South Milwaukee Train Station goes on National Register.

2002 Arcades Report done, the study of buying the land for the South Milwaukee football field.

2004 Disco oversees Heat Exchanger crafting for Electric the Magnetic Pulse  or Champ weapon for Raytheon.

2011 First Time a South Milwaukee Student takes a Calculus BC exam.

2013 Toxic Metal alert In Oak Creek wells.

2014 Erik Brooks becomes Mayor in South Milwaukee.  

2015 Disco runs for Alderman in South Milwaukee promoting AP courses and Historical Preservation.

2016 Disco runs for School Board in South Milwaukee promoting AP courses and Historical Preservation. 2020 Dorothy Date Slated for Saint Hood.

2020 Major flood hits Oak Creek Watershed.

2020 South China Sea tension heats up , war ships get blown up.

2021 Oak Creek Residents start to vote in more financial restraint politicians who build sewers.


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