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This is the Roger Sherman Hoar 2016 South Milwaukee watershed plan.
(1)    Tell Falk/Rexnord /United technologies to move that 1.5 billion pounds of sand south of the football field.
(2)    Change the sewer at that site from a sanitary to a storm.
(3)    Change the 15” downspout to 36” on Mill road going down from Hawthorn Ave.
(4)    Wash the slit in Mill pond thru the clean out of the dam.
(5)    Send the estimate for syndicate turf, needed to clean up the football field to United Technologies.
(6)    Send the estimate for the Olympic size swimming pool to Arcadus for their possible missed items in their study done, to buy the land for the football field.
(7)    Suggest to Airport authorities to start work on those holding ponds which need to prevent Airport water runoff adding to the flood conditions.
(8)    Regression suggests  a Major flood rain around June , 2020
(9)    Explain to Michael Hahn of SEWPAC and Erik Nitschke of the DNR that there integrity is on the line.
Plan done by
Frank “Disco” Gratke
Master in Statistics


Oak Creek Watershed Plan Ideas by Frank Mill Pond Gratke